The Nacogdoches County Chamber of Commerce Agriculture Awareness and Appreciation Banquet Committee are proud to award Anita Scott, Executive Director, Nacogdoches County Exposition and Civic Center with the first Tallest Pine Award for her continued support in benefiting the agricultural community in Nacogdoches. The award is sponsored by Texas Farm Credit.

Anita Scott grew up on a 200 acre farm and learned to drive when she could barely see over the dash. She rode her horse bareback, dreamed of being a barrel racer, and helped her parents with the family garden.

Anita was working as a waitress at Hot Biscuit, when a conversation with her husband, Bo Scott started her thinking. “I had not graduated from High School; I was happy being a waitress and was making pretty good money. Then Bo started talking about what was my plan for the future?” Anita went to the Adult Learning Center and after studying, successfully completed her GED. Anita had always thought that working at the Court House would be great and with Bo’s support and encouragement she submitted an application. At that time there were not any openings, Anita checked back periodically and eventually learned about a job at the Expo Center. “I was so excited when I got an interview,” said Anita. However the job went to someone with more experience. Anita didn’t give up; she continued to check with the Court House and soon learned of a filing clerk job in the District Clerk’s office. She applied and was hired. “I took pride in my job; I watched and learned; I was honored to work there,” said Anita. Two years later the job at the Expo became available, Anita applied and got the job.

In 2018, the Nacogdoches Expo and Civic Center hosted 133 events with 19 over multiple days. These events provide Nacogdoches with an economic impact of $6.3 million and provide support for over 3,000 jobs in the community. With most events occurring over the week end, Anita and the employees of the Expo do not work a traditional week. “The staff here are good talented people, who care; they understand that everyone needs to work together,” said Anita.

Anita’s favorite events are the rodeo and the fair. “Evans United Spring Carnival puts on the carnival at both of these events; they also are a sponsor of the rodeo. They provide our community the opportunity to make memories,” said Anita.

Realizing the much loved rodeo was declining, Anita reached out to bring together partners to be a part of the solution. They talked about when the rodeo was great and remember the days when the Nacogdoches Jaycees were involved. The Jaycees agreed to become involved once again and with their involvement the rodeo once again grew.

In 2015, the rodeo was nominated for Small Rodeo of the Year and in 2016 the Women’s Professional Rodeo Association awarded the Nacogdoches County Rodeo the Small Rodeo of the Year.

This recognition got the attention of RFD TV who contacted Anita. Due to budget restraints, Anita asked them to call her next year. Anita knew in order to have this opportunity for Nacogdoches she needed the communities support and financial commitment. She asked the Chamber, the CVB, NEDCO, and John Mast to come and listen, and with their support, RFD TV agreed to feature Nacogdoches!

Anita understands the importance of working together to get things done, to knowing what is needed, to allowing everyone the freedom to express their opinions, and not being afraid to ask others to be involved.

Anita has been with the Nacogdoches County for 15 years. Anita and Bo are the proud parents of Brittany, Timothy and Jake as well as the grandparents of Kaedyn, Jayleigh and Colt.

Ms. Scott will be honored at the 18th Annual Agriculture Appreciation & Awareness Banquet presented by TFP Nutrition on April 15, 2019 at the Nacogdoches County Exposition & Civic Center. The event is organized by the Nacogdoches County Chamber of Commerce Agriculture Appreciation and Awareness Committee.

Tickets are $25 for each person, or $300 for a table of eight and are available now at the Nacogdoches County Chamber, 2516 North St, and Lone Star Farm & Home Center as well as from event planning committee members. Donations increase the amount of the scholarships given to the recipients at the banquet. For ticket and table reservations, call the Nacogdoches County Chamber, 936-560-5533, or email

Barbara Holl is operations vice president for the chamber.

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