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Christian: We need Burmese to fill jobs

Posted: Monday, January 31, 2011 2:00 am | Updated: 2:24 pm, Tue Jun 4, 2013.

EDITOR'S NOTE: This is part of an occasional series of stories addressing the influx of refugees from Burma and their impact on the community.

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        • Plutonium posted at 2:53 pm on Tue, Feb 1, 2011.

          Plutonium Posts: 24

          So, how much did Pilgrims contribute to Wayne?


          What next, SFASU to replace all hourly employees with Burmese employees? What a cost savings.

          Heck, every company should do this. Wally-World, on down. Fire them all and bring in the Burmese to work for min. wage and then create company towns to house them - and they have to purchase their goods at the company store. Isn't this like Share Cropping?

          Wayne needs to go about rebuilding his Brazillian dollar beach house on the PUBLIC BEACH - even though he signed papers saying he understood the risks. My conscious is clear, I didn't vote for him.

        • stephanie posted at 8:50 pm on Mon, Jan 31, 2011.

          stephanie Posts: 5

          Way too many democrats don't support immigration laws to protect American interests. We cannot leave it to government regulation to solve everything. We have people coming to this area to work legally in jobs that our citizens don't want. JBS (Pilgrim's) have been pretty lax with their worker standards. Pass a drug test & no rehires after 3 employment stents. Obviously, people aren't filling out the job apps to fill the processing line postions. I strongly believe we have a sector of people who would prefer to live off of the welfare system instead of taking these jobs. If nobody wants to take the jobs Pilgrims is offering, they could close shop & go elsewhere, or bring the labor in. It is better for them to stay here! They are doing what is neccesary to increase productivity & continue employment opportunities in this area. It is not illegal or immoral to turn a profit in this country!

        • harris posted at 6:56 pm on Mon, Jan 31, 2011.

          harris Posts: 336

          Way to many Conservatives support laws to replace American workers with whoever will work at there factories the cheapest ( foreigners). We must stand up to Wayne Christian and Louie Comet to keep local jobs. This won't be easy because they have big companies and wealthy families on there side, but if you care about your families future,do it.
          W. Christian was wrong about the reason for Pilgrims bankrupt, the real reason is corporate greed. Bo Pilgrim and company board borrowed too much money to buy a completer, and didn't pay it back. If Christian doesn't tell the truth on this well known business story what else is he misleading his district about?

        • shipchanneltrash posted at 4:51 pm on Mon, Jan 31, 2011.

          shipchanneltrash Posts: 415

          momof3:I would rather Pilgrims bring in 200 refugees from Burma then see 1400 + loose their jobs if Pilgrims shut down.

          If pilgrim's thought they could pull it of they would work the Burmese until they could find a way to shut dow and go where they could get away with paying $2 an hour and leave the Burmese here to fend for themselves and us to pay their welfare and food stamps and kid's education expenses. That's just the kind of people they are. They a=measure everything by the silver dollar that goes into their own pocket.

        • stephanie posted at 3:32 pm on Mon, Jan 31, 2011.

          stephanie Posts: 5

          "We" didn't bail them out, our government did against the will of the people by hijacking the system. You know........the same government that you think needs to regulate everything. Aren't you proud of how well our socialist agenda is working out? You sure are obsessed with the wealthy. Don't be a jealous hater. They are the ones who provide the jobs. Don't ever forget that, well..........unless you work for the government & your pension is derived from all the other hard working Americans. I've never worked for a poor person. By the way you rant about the rich, I wonder if you have ever worked for anything but the government or you would then probably appreciate the job opportunity the EVIL rich folks gave you.

        • harris posted at 2:52 pm on Mon, Jan 31, 2011.

          harris Posts: 336

          stephanie, you are drinking the Rush/Fox coo-lade if you think the US is a free market system. Remember when working American people bailed out Wall-Street bankers (socialism) with 100's of billions. It was to them free market as they made billions from corrupt laws. Many wealthy families are wealthier because my tax money went to put a floor under there stock holdings, and you call this free market.

        • stephanie posted at 2:17 pm on Mon, Jan 31, 2011.

          stephanie Posts: 5

          Harris, there entails one of the big differences between you & I. I don't resent people who are more successful than I am. They don't owe me anything. Nobody is forcing me to work for them. Not everyone is entitled to vacation in Switzerland 4 times a year & eat at the country club just because they exist. If you don't want to be "average", work harder & figure out a way to change that. Instead, you pointlessly ramble about 1931 & hate on the those who have benefited from the free market system. Good luck with that! (It won't change your social status though.)

        • harris posted at 2:01 pm on Mon, Jan 31, 2011.

          harris Posts: 336

          East Texas needs jobs for local people at livable wages. If big companies through there hired guns (Conservatives) spread stories about Americans being lazy, drunks, drugs, etc. so they must bring in foreign workers at lower wages to company. How long will it be before your job is given to Berma workers because they will work for less than you,and not want medical and retirement benefits. Local oil and gas companies pay good money and they don't have any problem finding workers.

          Call Wayne Christian and tell him you don't support his laws for a lower living standard for many working families in his district.

          Ending my membership today as newspaper goes to pay mode. Will contact advertisers to find way to view there newest specials,not in online paper, maybe companys web site.

        • Momof3 posted at 1:24 pm on Mon, Jan 31, 2011.

          Momof3 Posts: 7

          I would rather Pilgrims bring in 200 refugees from Burma then see 1400 + loose their jobs if Pilgrims shut down.

        • shipchanneltrash posted at 12:02 pm on Mon, Jan 31, 2011.

          shipchanneltrash Posts: 415

          Christian is spot on right about the real problem regarding illegal aliens and that too many people want to scam the unemployment system and woudl prefer to stay home and dope and drink than work. Our system is very broken in that respect. Too many 'bennies' for some people to get up and take a job.

          I do disgree that the Burmese are the answer to the problem. 200 are not going to make a big dent in America but they may may make a dent in Nacogdoches in the long haul if they stay in the low paying jobs at Pilgrims Pride or others like it because they won't make enough to live on and raise families. So, they will likely wind up impacting the welfare structureof the community.

          Also, just how much 'government money' is going to support them and subsidize them and transport them to the US and into these jobs? We all realize where 'government money' comes from, right?

          This is a symptom of long term problems that employers like PP have solved by bringing in alien workers, either illegal as in the past or legally as now.

          It's time to address those problems in a realistic manner. Some of Christian's proposed legislation is a possible answer but we need more than that and the "Burmese option".

        • harris posted at 11:40 am on Mon, Jan 31, 2011.

          harris Posts: 336

          Stephanie, check your history on federal minimum wage regulations. In 1931 whites complained to congress because blacks were taking more and more jobs from whites because there were paid less. The thinking then was set a federal minimum wage for all and business owners will hire whites over blacks if forced to pay same wage. This was put into law.
          You will sell out your neighbors for just a few wealthy families. I'm glad I am on the other side with average American families who work hard for income, and don't make money from paying there workers less and less each year, and the lowest taxes in 45 years at federal level. Turn off Rush and Fox and visit grocery stores on Friday's and see how average people live. Average families don't eat at country clubs and vacation in Switzerland 4 times each year.

        • justreadingthenews posted at 11:19 am on Mon, Jan 31, 2011.

          justreadingthenews Posts: 2

          Way to go Wayne ! You are correct in your assessment. There is a "community" of workers here in Nacogdoches who want a check but do not want to work.
          We complain when illegals or undocumented workers work and now we are complaining when people who came here legally want to work ! We wish the new workers all the luck they can get. Working at PP is hard work. De-boning is one of the toughest jobs at the plant ! Past Pilgrims Pride employees are still working in Nac , just go to Mc Donald's on North St.

          Buy the way we will not be spending money to get a subscription to the on-line News

        • stephanie posted at 11:07 am on Mon, Jan 31, 2011.

          stephanie Posts: 5

          Harris, why don't you broaden your spectrum of news sources & stop spewing left wing antics. I would be interested in seeing what propaganda the conservatives have distributed that would lead you to believe that they feel Americans are all lazy, drunks and addicts. You probably picked it up on the Daily Kos or MSNBC, nothing reputable. I'm sure your answer to everything is more government regulation on EVERYTHING. Don't like the LEGAL wages Pilgrim's is offering? Have the government make them raise it $3.00 more! Want to milk Pilgrim's out of every possible dime & bankrupt them? Have the government make them unionize! Want everything your hard working neighbor has, but you just don't want to work for it? Have the government make them pay so the government can give you entitlements! Let's just rely on the government to take from those evil rich people/corporations & hand it out to us! Screw the free market system! I can't believe Pilgrim's has the audacity to have there operation in Nacogdoches & turn a profit! They are sooooooo evil! Right? That probably sounds more like the America you are looking forward to living in. I pray we get people like you out of our government as soon as possible!

        • harris posted at 9:04 am on Mon, Jan 31, 2011.

          harris Posts: 336

          Don't believe the propaganda being put out by the Conservatives, that Americans are all lazy, drunks, drug addicted. This is there plan to bring in thousands of foreign workers to take American job at lower wages (minimum wage) and make big corporations and there wall-street owners even more wealth.

        • harris posted at 8:56 am on Mon, Jan 31, 2011.

          harris Posts: 336

          Texas Fan. you have a very negative view of America,and your group all vote Republican, Tea Party. Most American families are not drug addicts as you group judges them.

        • Texas Fan posted at 8:23 am on Mon, Jan 31, 2011.

          Texas Fan Posts: 18

          Actually Wayne Christian is totally right in his comments. There is a class of generations of people that cares only about "how to beat the system". They have no intensions on working. They will turn in work applications drunk or have been drinking purposely knowing they will not be hired so they can get unemployment. Then they can set home smoke and sell crack. These social types along with the illegal immigrants are what is contributing to the collapse of our economy and drastic reforms are needed to combat this huge problem. Guess what? They all vote Democrat and the Dems. know it! So thank your democtraic politician for your continued mind set and failures and the deficit; voting for him has not helped you or your family one bit but will continue the downward spiral of our economy. I totally support random drug test for welfare benefits. It's makes total sense. This is smart legislation. I say let's do a swap; all you dead heads get a one way trip to Burma and get a real look at life's difficulties and maybe you might appreciate your opportunities here. Wayne, keep fighting, we are behind you!!

        • Eastexn posted at 8:20 am on Mon, Jan 31, 2011.

          Eastexn Posts: 8

          It seems the only rational Mr Christian has for importing the Burmese is "they are legal", even though our government paid their way and is keeping tghem until they go to work.

          Since we already have people who want these jobs and will take these jobs with minimum wage, but are illegal because they entered the USA by walking across the border without our government aid, it seems to me it would make more sense to just give the ones who are already here Green Cards and allow them to continue working.

          Our government policies just do not make sense. It appears the only difference between the illigal Mexicans and the legal Burmese is one came on their own iniative and on their own dime, and the other came with government money. So, we deny the Mexicans the jobs but allow them to continue to reside here without jobs or money, while our government imports the Burmese at no telling what expense.

          Nowhere in this discussion have we been told how much our government is spending to transport these people and how much we are paying to house them in Houston and Nacogdoches while they await employment. Mr. Christian freely admits our government is picking up the bill. And, since they are LEGAL they will be eligible immediately for all of our welfatre, free health care, unemployment, and all of the other goodies the illegal Mexicans are denied.

          Mr. Christian states the Burmese are coming here to work and make good money. Well, the money may be good, but they will find, at minimum wage, there sure won't be much of it. But, if they are on welfare their salary will be supplemented by our taxes.

          Is this the "CHANGE" we voted for in 2008?

        • bobsuruncle posted at 8:06 am on Mon, Jan 31, 2011.

          bobsuruncle Posts: 72

          Christian is delusional if he believes that immigration raids and ethanol is what forced Pilgrims into bankruptcy. The acquisition of GoldKist Foods is what forced Pilgrims into bankruptcy.

        • harris posted at 7:40 am on Mon, Jan 31, 2011.

          harris Posts: 336

          There are East Texas families who would welcome these Pilgrim's jobs, if they paid only $3.00 more per hour. Big business and there hired gun, Wayne Christian work to keep wages low and executives pay high. We do not need foreign labor to take more and more American jobs. Wayne Christian has never done anything for daily working families, his only goal it to help top 5% to take more form there workers.


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