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Sheriff shuts down adult cabaret

Posted: Sunday, August 21, 2011 8:54 pm | Updated: 2:21 pm, Tue Jun 4, 2013.

Quietly and easily, the Nacogdoches County Sheriff's Department on Saturday night entered the gentlemen's club, Baby Dolls, and shut it down.

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        • robbydoright posted at 10:46 am on Wed, Sep 21, 2011.

          robbydoright Posts: 1

          I will pray for all of the young women trying to make a living and for the law enforcement who are obviously also trying to enforce he laws of the land.

        • Mama Dog posted at 8:40 am on Fri, Aug 26, 2011.

          Mama Dog Posts: 98

          oops..I was looking at the wrong thread when I commented about things being censored.....

          As for this matter.

          I have to say that this particular business has been in Nacogdoches for as long as I can remember, so JusticeServed, you might want to re-think your comments. There are PLENTY of ppl that spend their hard earned money in the club, then turn around and make hateful and unnecessary remarks on blogs like this...its 2011, not for the way the bust went down...ridiculous!!! The Sheriff just wanted his picture in the paper...too bad it wasn't in it for actually doing HONEST police work!!

        • beautifulazia posted at 12:56 am on Wed, Aug 24, 2011.

          beautifulazia Posts: 2

          First off who are you anyway JUSTicESERveD...who are you to judge I said before just like you support your family or loved ones we have to the same...just because we dance does not make u any better than me or the other girls....and yes our names where slandered you have no dont have the big picture...there has been girls there for years dancing doing the same thing that we got arrested for...there is absolutely no full nudity in the club EvER...and our nipples are covered...and back to our names being slandered....yes they were...were are being called whores, sewer rats, and has been taken off the news facebook have no clue what you are talking about...yes it is managements fault and he will pay for it....the news cameras and cameras busting in the club with many new crews have you seen join in the our faces taking of all of us in our dance outfits...but it is on all the new, twitter, and facebook...we have strange men sending us invites to be the girls friends on facebook...our first last anddance name was right in the news papers...with all the information that has been put out was wrongfully done and put us in are wrong for every negative thing that you say about us...AGAIN I Ask WHO ARe You? Nobody and aren't God and only he judges me....

        • JusticeServed posted at 10:38 pm on Tue, Aug 23, 2011.

          JusticeServed Posts: 86

          I think people in the community have spoken that the building is an embarrassment not because of paint, but because of the type of business...or are you so busy with facts that you missed that? I'm sure they would like to keep their jobs, but it's the job folks have a problem with, there was a petition a few years back with over a couple hundred signatures concerning not paint, but the type of business...fact. Get over it, it's a small town, don't like it? Move to a big city and make big money in that business...not here. Sorry, it is what it is. That's the beauty of small towns, either you change or move, folks move to small towns to avoid these types of general.

        • allfortheREALstory posted at 9:18 pm on Tue, Aug 23, 2011.

          allfortheREALstory Posts: 4

          Just a question: Why is it that the same person (1) is the person who wrote the affadavit that seems to be the errs that these employees signed? (2) is the person who each employee was supposed to see regarding obtaining said license (3) is the person who was at the club 3-4 months ago making sure that license(s) the club had were current and correct (4)is the person is the arresting sheriff (5) is the person quoted on KTRE as saying ” I don’t think the people of the county want this club here. It is an eyesore and an embarrassment. I ask, to who? Most people I personally have spoken with either don’t mind or don’t have an opinion at all but to leave others to themselves. OK, so paint the building. Oh. All the listed above is Nac. Co. Sheriff Kerss aka. the only voice of Nac???

          Fact: The BabyDolls Club located At Angelina Co/Nac. Co. river was totally nude up until 1996. At that time, it posessed the required license to operate as such. Afterwards, it became a 'bikini bar', thus requiring dancers, to wear bikini type bottoms, and pasties, bandaids, latex covering the entire 'nipple' area.
          Fact: The Sheriff's Dept. says that the club has been under 'investigation' for years. Why? Less than 4 months ago the Sheriff and State Comptroller came into the club to make sure all licenses and codes for buildings were current. Why was the 'nudity' suspect not an issue then?
          Fact: The patrons involved were subject to search and LET GO. (hence, no drugs)
          Fact: The one person who was arrested for a drug charge had not entered at the beginning of the raid and has taken responsiblity for such charge.
          Fact: The gun(s) found, were in a customers vehicle, not the club.
          Fact: The supposed charge, was suspected nudity. When no nudity was found. A search for drugs was conducted (probable cause, the one person outside?) and no other drugs were found. THEN the issue of a non-existant license from over 15 years ago became the issue of arrest. Why not in the last 15 years? Why not 4 months ago? Possible embarrassment with the media ALREADY there before the raid???
          Fact: If the appearance of the building is the issue/cause of embarrassment. Why not a notice from the building zone commission regarding that upgrades to the building are necessary and pending painting the building, that activity cease. I'm sure the employees would be happy to paint to keep their jobs.

        • TXJeeper posted at 7:39 pm on Tue, Aug 23, 2011.

          TXJeeper Posts: 42

          Harris: How does this have ANYTHING to do with religion. It is a law that is on the books here in Nacogdoches county. It is very similar to existing laws in several other counties and states that are not in the South (aka: the Bible Belt). It is not a law that says that a nudie bar has to be more than 1000 feet from a church, a nudie bar has to be 1000 yards from a private residence. I think that you are obsessed with trying to get church out of everything and if that is the case then maybe you need to move somewhere a lot more liberal than Texas. Here in Texas we are a bunch of God fearing, gun toting, rednecks who still spank our children when they need it, and still respect others until they do something to diminish that respect. If you don't like it pack your stuff and head North East. Otherwise learn to deal with it and find something other than church to whine and complaint about. I am sure that won't be a problem for you.

        • JusticeServed posted at 7:38 pm on Tue, Aug 23, 2011.

          JusticeServed Posts: 86

          Nobody slandered or used your name, I don't see anyone claiming anyone there had a pimp or was a prostitute, and I don't see anyone in these comments judging you and if people in town are judging you from the newspaper, which I didn't see any names but one and I don't know how they could know who is who or who you are unless they already knew you worked there because there are only a couple visible faces in the photo and you'd have to blow it up to really see a face, but if folks are judging you in town and you're worried about what folks think and how it will affect your child/children, then you probably should have considered that before you started working there, it's a little late to worry about that now, having the place busted or closed down doesn't make it any worse or better, and one of my former friends that worked there, I'll just call her "M" was doing illegal things there, not prostitution, but illegal things and in her case she was rightfully busted. Don't mean to sound rude but you're calling folks out for no reason...and shipchanneltrash, often times those crimes you rattled off i.e. drug trafficking, robbery, organized criminal activity intersect with exotic dancing which is why folks are glad to see it go, not saying dancers do any of that, but often the consumers is what is, sorry, check the research or societal patterns of criminal activity, it shows a clear correlation.

        • shipchanneltrash posted at 6:56 pm on Tue, Aug 23, 2011.

          shipchanneltrash Posts: 415

          At least they were working and had jobs. The Obama economy has forced a lot of people into doing things they may not really want to do in order to feed their families. Sounds like a loft man power wasted on what is really an administrative violation.

          The NCSO should get priorities straight and take care of crime that is really adversely affecting people like gang violence, drug trafficking, robbery, burglary, organized criminal activity, all kinds of theft and property crimes that are running rampant.

          Of course, it's easier and more fun to pick on some girls who were late filing some license paperwork. Not as easy to get out there and work some real cases.

        • harris posted at 10:21 am on Tue, Aug 23, 2011.

          harris Posts: 347

          The US would be a far better country if the "religious-right" would just leave other Americans along. They are always judging others,shame on you.

        • posted at 10:01 am on Tue, Aug 23, 2011.


          Mama Dog,

          The original comments were posted on the breaking news story that was posted Saturday night and can be found at the following URL:

          This is a new story (posted Sunday) and so it has its own comment thread. Please e-mail me if you have any further questions! Thanks!

          Marshall Stephens
          mstephens @ (remove spaces)

        • beautifulazia posted at 9:46 am on Tue, Aug 23, 2011.

          beautifulazia Posts: 2

          You people are don't even know what you are talking about..I am one of the dancers that was arrested...myself and the other dancers have done nothing wrong... we have never been nude in the club like they say...we did not get a felony...we feel violated knowing that any of our management was aware of the situation..our names have been put in the paper,news,facebook,youtube, everything...not one girl in there is not one prostitute...we do not have pimps..we are beautiful girls that have families and loved have no right no judge not one of us...we had no idea what was going was the most horrible situat
          ion that I have ever been in...they did not Come in quietly at all...they came in with guns and yelling it was horrible...has we sat there scared and mad...hurt...I cannot go anywhere without someone looking at me funny...imagine how we feel with our kids with people looking at us like that...this situation is horrible enough without your have no right...we have done nothing wrong as is at fault....please slandering our is bad enough without your nasty are nobody, nobody at all...

        • BillfromDouglass posted at 9:42 am on Tue, Aug 23, 2011.

          BillfromDouglass Posts: 92


          re: harris

          Both uses of "there" are correct: one is the expletive use of "there" one the adverbial.
          The grammatical error is "its" (possessive) as opposed to "it's" (the contracted form of "it is.")

          Oh, "in" is, I believe, a typographical error for "is."

          Also, there should be no comma before the "and" in the last sentence, as the second clause is a dependent one.

          However, in re: YOUR post, we note that commas should be placed inside quotation marks (with one exception--which we can save for another post).

        • JTinker-Akers posted at 8:40 am on Tue, Aug 23, 2011.

          JTinker-Akers Posts: 69

          I don't see what the Church has to do with this - if the Law that has been on the books states no business of this type can be within 1000 feet of a residence, then it cannot operate.

        • Mama Dog posted at 5:19 am on Tue, Aug 23, 2011.

          Mama Dog Posts: 98

          This isn't fair..who reported all of the original comments?? Censorship at its best!!!

        • zzzzzz posted at 8:51 pm on Mon, Aug 22, 2011.

          zzzzzz Posts: 5


          "There", "their", and "they're" are distinctly different words, each with a different meaning. So I'm begging you, please stop butchering the English language and learn proper spelling and grammar.

        • JusticeServed posted at 6:58 pm on Mon, Aug 22, 2011.

          JusticeServed Posts: 86

          Harris, quit trying to pass the buck and blame everything on Christians and the church. SMH they were doing illegal things, not just "man and woman business" illegal "man and woman business" and even the great freedom we have, we still must obey the law. Even the workers are taking responsibility.

        • harris posted at 3:35 pm on Mon, Aug 22, 2011.

          harris Posts: 347

          In most of Europe there in no big government "morality" police like in Texas. There adults can do as they wish-man and women business agreements. Europe does have laws against advertising your adult services and any pimps. Its past time to get the church our of personal choices,and free up law enforcement to arrest felons.

        • JTinker-Akers posted at 11:15 am on Mon, Aug 22, 2011.

          JTinker-Akers Posts: 69

          Step 2: Demolishing the building -- That place has been an eyesore for Years!


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