Artists and locals will have the opportunity to enjoy art from all over the region during the first Artfest.

Artfest, scheduled for 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 21, is a re-imagining of the Nacogdoches Art Walk and allows nearby artists to share their work and creativity to the public. The art walk ended in late 2017 after 32 years.

“There has been an art walk downtown at galleries for a number of years, and it dwindled,” said Crystal Hicks, spokeswoman of East Texas Creative. “It was great, but the people running the event wanted fresh ideas. The art walk skipped a year while we transitioned to Artfest.”

The goal of the new event is to bring new interest in local art and artists, including those at SFA.

“We did have (Nacogdoches Art Walk) that a lot of people will remember, and we didn’t want an opportunity to go away,” Hicks said. “We wanted to show stuff that isn’t represented in galleries, and art students will have an opportunity to be a part of a community off campus.”

Artfest will be free and open to the public. The event will included sculptures, paintings, metal workings, fiber art, jewelry. The event is open to all artists and is not limited to local talent. The artists also will have an opportunity to sell their work.

“Any artist or artisan is welcome to participate,” Hicks said. “We really want to highlight local artists or artists from the region in all medias. There will be vendor booths for artists to sell their work. We have a creative community that not many people know about. We want to give (the artists) an opportunity, and give the community an opportunity to see what the artists are doing.”

With this being the first year, the goal is to have 30 artists participate in the event. However, more are welcome, Hicks said.

If an artist is interested in selling work, there is a application on the Facebook page and a $25 fee in order to set up a booth. Application deadline is set for Sept. 7, and booth confirmation is Sept. 14. Vendors are asked to bring their own original art, Hicks said.

Artfest will be at the historic downtown Nacogdoches square. Three sides of the square will be closed off. However, Main Street will still be open.

“We wanted to stick with downtown on the square, and will extend to the Cole Art Center, who will be partnering with us,” Hicks said. “We will also have space near the art center on Church Street. It’s a great time to be downtown and in that area.”

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