An employee of a business shot twice into the ground near two people during a dispute over a motorcycle battery in 10000 block of US 59 S on Monday evening.

A dispute over a motorcycle battery sparked a shooting in the parking lot of a Nacogdoches County business on Monday afternoon, Sheriff Jason Bridges said.

No one was injured when an employee of a business in the 10000 block of U.S. 59 S shot twice into the ground near a man and women who came to talk to the employee about a motorcycle battery that he had taken earlier in the day, Bridges said.

Bridges credits the quick response of state troopers who disarmed the employee with preventing any injuries.

“There is no doubt that if this situation would have bone on much longer that someone would have been shot. We could have very well been working a murder scene,” Bridges said.

Once the investigation has wrapped up, the case will be sent to the District Attorney Office, and charges will likely be filed, Bridges said.

Earlier in the day, the employee had gone into Nacogdoches and taken a battery from a motorcycle from a man who he claims owed him money for the battery.

The motorcycle owner went to the business to speak with the employee in hopes of getting the battery returned.

Surveillance video from the business shows a van pulling up and a woman getting out to meet the employee, Bridges said. The two go inside for a short time and talk. When they go outside, a man gets out of the van and stars walking toward the employee in the parking lot.

“The store employee removes a handgun from his person and starts pointing it in the direction of the other male subject. The male subject continues to advance toward him, but he is not armed. The store employee shoots two times into the ground parking lot near the direction of the male and female subject,” Bridge said.

The state troopers were traveling on U.S. 59 and were flagged down soon after the shooting.

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