Each Nacogdoches County city got a bigger piece of the sales tax pie in August 2019 than a year ago, but the gains for some cities did little to erase deficits accumulated over the last 8 months of the year.

Sales tax revenue in Nacogdoches both for the month and year ticked up with the month’s gains totaling some 5.6%. August 2019 saw revenue totaling $583,844.02 as compared to $552,877.89 one year ago. For the year, the city has seen revenue increase almost 2%, with sales taxes pumping some $4.414 million into the city coffers in 2019 as compared to the $4.330 million generated in the same period last year.

On the month, Cushing saw the greatest increase in revenue, as state comptroller Glenn Hegar cut a check for $6,792.26 to the home of the Bearkats, marking an increase of more than 50% over the $4,516.96 paid out in Aug. 2018.

Since January, the northwestern Nacogdoches County town has seen revenue tick up by a little more than 3%. So far, sale tax has added some $42,860.12 to the Cushing’s coffers as compared to $41,472.84 paid out in the same period last year.

Appleby’s sales-tax revenue spiked by some 20% in August 2019 as compared to August 2018, up from $1,839.42 to $2,207.41, but over all, 2019 the community has seen revenue decline by more than 35 percent. Between January and August 2018, the comptroller paid out some $26,687.55 to Appleby. So far this year, receipts have totaled some $17,338.95.

Revenue generated in eastern Nacogdoches County community of Chireno was up both for the month and year to date.

August 2019 pumped 17.81% more money into the Home of the Owls than August 2018. This month, the comptroller’s payment to Chireno totaled some $3,983.14 as compared to August 2018’s payment of $3,380.82. So far in 2019, sales tax in Chireno has totaled $29,549.28. Revenue for the same period in 2018 totaled $20,782.41.

In Garrison, August’s revenue climbed a little more than 5.3% compared to August 2018, adding to an overall increase in sales-tax receipts of more than 23% for the year. This month’s check from the comptroller totaled $6,922.38 as compared to $6,571.29 in August 2018. The town’s year-to-date payment for 2019 is up to $48,322.52 versus the $39,267.99 paid out in the same period last year.

Statewide, sales-tax revenue ticked up almost 3.8%, according to the comptroller, rising from $547 million in August 2019 to $567 million this month. On the year, state-wide revenue was up 4.19%, from $3.949 billion to $4.115 billion in 2018.

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