Lamp-Lite Gala

Nicole Bradford/The Daily Sentinel

Lamp-Lite Theatre founder and director Sarah McMullan, left, and local playwright Ken Untiedt discuss his play at the Lamp-Lite’s 2018 gala in September. Untiedt’s latest play will be part of Lamp-Lite’s 2019-2020 season.

Unveiling a new season for 2019-2020, the Lamp-Lite Theatre will offer its annual open house beginning at 7 p.m. Saturday.

“It’s a way to say thank you to the community with entertainment,” said local actor and playwright Pat Harris. “Some of it will be a preview of what’s to come up, and they’ll be singers, dancers, people who have been in other shows.”

The assortment of entertainment for the gala often includes a few surprises, such as last year’s world accordion-playing debut from a Lamp-Lite regular who had vowed to play a song on the used-but-recently-purchased instrument. The resulting comedy trumped the musical number, but it was more proof that “all it takes to get on stage is guts,” Lamp-Lite founder Sara McMullan said.

Expected to be in Saturday’s lineup is a preview from this year’s opening show, “Nunsense II — The Second Coming.” The show will feature Deborah Dalton, Jackie Vose, Nita Hudson, Katherine Whitbeck and Karrie Watts stepping back into their roles from “Nunsense,” which opened Lamp-Lite’s 2017-18 season.

The season will also include an original play,” What We Need,” by local writer Ken Untiedt, author of “Yes, We Deliver,” which was performed last year.

In December, the theater will bring back Harris’ holiday show, “Finding Christmas,” with open auditions for children and adults to be held in November. Harris is also putting a modern spin on Shakespeare, with her own version of “Much Ado About Nothing” being staged in March and early April.

A play by another local author, historian Dr. Bobby Johnson, will be brought back to the Lamp-Lite stage in February with a re-telling of the New London School explosion with “A Texas Tragedy.”

Lamp-Lite actor Rick Jones will portray the main character in the 1960s comedy, “Never Too Late,” set to open in May.

The season will also include a summer musical yet to be selected, with open auditions for children, teens and adults to be held in May. The summer musical runs two weekends in July.

Lamp-Lite is off Old Tyler Road at the end of Lamp-Lite Lane near Loop 224. For information, call 936-564-8300.

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