Engineering work is underway for six new water lines around the city.

Nacogdoches City Council on Aug. 6 approved a $68,000 contract with the Henderson-based engineering firm Stokes & Associates Inc. for design work on the city’s 2019 Water Line improvements project.

Those projects include Virginia Avenue from Burk to Gaylon Brooks streets; Looneyville Road from Clay to North Sanders street; Hayward from Cross to Devereaux streets; Fulgham Street from Cedar Street to MLK; Cleaver Street from Shawnee to Meisenheimer streets; and Smith Road from the 300 block to the end of the water line.

The city prioritizes needed street repairs using a grading system and detects faulty sewer lines with a camera system, but water lines in the worst need of repair are harder to identify, City Engineer Steve Bartlett explained.

“In the water world, we can’t run a camera through it, so we are basing these mostly on repair frequency,” he said. “We sit down with our field staff and our engineering staff and try to identify those lines that have been either undersized or 75 to 100 years old or just have repair after repair. It’s slightly subjective, but basically we are still trying to fix the worst ones first or the undersized ones first.”

Engineering design for the six new lines is expected to be complete by the end of the year, meaning construction likely won’t begin until 2020. The anticipated cost for water line improvements is just over $471,000, according to city documents.

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