The following building permits were issued by the city of Nacogdoches:

224 Travis St., Hancock Ronalds & Norma S, residential demolition, $50 valuation

1311 Walnut St., Hancock Construction, roofing, $6992 valuation

310 S Church St., Samuel Bartlett, roofing, $6000 valuation

300 Myrtle St., DCCM LLC, accessory, $50 valuation

119 E College St., Richard Locke, accessory, $4000 valuation

215 W Austin St., Soto’s Construction, roofing, $2900 valuation

2702 North St., ABCO Roofing, roofing$17500 valuation

1104 NW Stalling Dr., Big Sky Land Co, sign

2702 North St., Advanced Building Specialties, renovation

4817 NW Stallings Dr., Donny Walker, renovation, $3000 valuation

4201 Osk Creek Dr., Cole Roofing, roofing, $14900 valuation

4848 NE Stallings Dr., Basis Design, renovation, $48690 valuation

4011 Timberwood Dr., Engineered Trusses, accessory

4106 Appleby Sand Rd., Anderson Lawn Care Inc., irrigation

600 N Mound St., Francisco Nolasco, roofing, $8000 valuation

400 Harris St., John Anderson, driveway

1221 Millard Dr., Johnson Pools, pool/spa, $113850.76 valuation

3821 Trailwood St., Martin Construction, roofing, $6000 valuation

3913 E Main St., Soto’s Construction, roofing, $3000 valuation

1216 Raguet St., Cole Roofing, roofing, $6400 valuation

301 Myrtle St., Cole Roofing, roofing, $2950 valuation

2328 Carole St., Cole Roofing, roofing, $14500 valuation

4822 North St., Tyler Sign Master, sign

5300 North St., Armadillo Signs, sign

906 North St., Gary Bolt Construction, renovation, $4500

201 Ferndale St., Rebecca George, renovation, $30000 valuation

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