Burglary of a habitation, 3100 block of E.J. Campbell Bvld. Officers arrested a person accused of breaking into a home, assaulting a person, stealing a phone and breaking items before fleeing on foot.

Animal problem, 300 block of CR 331. A dog killed someone’s pet ducks.

Criminal trespass, 900 block of 5th St. A criminal trespass warning was issued to someone who walked into a person’s home without permission.

Forgery, 7800 block of U.S. 59 S. A fake check was used to steal money from a person’s bank account.

Unauthorized use of a motor vehicle, 400 block of CR 703. A report was taken about a vehicle being stolen. The vehicle and suspect were found, and the vehicle was returned.

Burglary, 3200 block of FM 2259. Someone broke into a home and “rummaged through several rooms. Deputies ... were able to gather numerous items of evidence.”

Reckless driver, state Hwy. 7 E. and CR 319. A driver was ticketed for “erratic” driving.

Threatening, 600 block of CR 521. Deputies took a report of a landlord threatening a tenant.

Assist complainant, 2700 block of FM 2864. A horse was reported missing.

Controlled substance, Press Rd. A caller asked deputies to patrol the road because of suspected drug activity.

Criminal trespass, 100 block of CR 6105. Deputies issued a criminal-trespass warning to a woman’s ex-husband at her request.

Agency assist, 800 block of Summit St. Deputies helped police officers find a person accused of stealing a vehicle who ran on foot. The suspect was arrested.

Controlled substance, SW Stallings Dr. and Mockingbird Ln. A driver pulled over for speeding was in possession of suspected marijuana and arrested.

Assault, 2800 block of Pearl St. A woman accused her boyfriend of assaulting her.

Assault, 3200 block of North St. A woman allegedly assaulted her sister and mother and was arrested.

Family violence, 30 block of W. Seale St. “Complainant reported that a known family member assaulted her three weeks ago, and that she wanted to file charges.”

Assault, 3400 block of E. Main St. A man was arrested for assaulting his live-in partner.

Unauthorized use of a motor vehicle, 800 block of Summit St. A person was arrested for stealing a vehicle.

Burglary of a motor vehicle, 400 block of Oakview Dr. Someone stole property from an unlocked vehicle.

Arrests included: Michael Anthony Thomas Galbreath, 28, of Houston, possession of marijuana; Chasidy Danella Garcia, 18, assault and failure to display driver’s license; Ebony Joy Greer, 31, unauthorized use of a vehicle and a warrant; Darren Duane Harrison, 36, public intoxication; Chregg Dewayne Henderson, 43, of Longview, failure to appear on a misdemeanor and bail jumping and failure to appear; Dwayne Edwin Rawlinson, 31, open container; Danien Demetrius Williams, 27, assault.


No reports were filed.


As of 9 a.m. Wednesday, there were 258 inmates at the Nacogdoches County jail. According to the Texas Commission on Jail Standards, the maximum population is 292.


Medical assists on George Street and Old Line Drive.

Alarm malfunctions on SE Stallings Drive and Oakview Drive.

Assist invalid on Tanglewood Circle.

Wild land fire on Marty Street.

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