The following inspections were filed with the city of Nacogdoches:

M and M No. 3, 119 Beall St., 7 demerits, repair or replace any damaged ceiling teams and damaged floor areas, keep ledges up front swept, provided accurate visible thermometer for all coolers and freezers, bathroom needs toilet paper-corrected on site, discard old unused fixtures and equipment.

Raising Cane’s,{span}1831 North St.,{/span} 1 demerit, discarded one spatula; must be smith and easily cleanable-corrected on site

Chill Nac, 203 N University, no demerits 100% compliant

Willowbrook Nursing Center kitchen, {span}227 Russell Blvd.,{/span} 5 demerits, key utensils out of hand wash sink-corrected on site, discarded one spatula; must be smith and easily cleanable-corrected on site, repair damaged area of serving window, one vent needs to be cleaned

Street Tacos, 5105 North St., 10 demerits, use by dates needed-corrected on site, keep foods covered in cooler-corrected on site, keep utensils out of hand wash sink-corrected on site

Maklemore’s, 2304 North St., 8 demerits, label one spray bottle-corrected on site, provide accurate visible thermometers for all coolers and freezers, keep cold hold temperatures at minimum of 41 degrees-corrected on site

Stallings Court, 4614 NE Stallings Dr., 5 demerits, discard one prepackaged buttermilk container-corrected on site, use by date needed-corrected on site, repair base of wall near hand wash sink

Register Seafood Truck, 2312 SE Stallings Dr., parking lot, 2 demerits, keep hand wash sink empty-corrected on site, Gulf shrimp and prepackaged seafood products

CVS Drug Store, 1424 North St., 1 demerit, repair damaged ceiling tile

Chili’s Grill and Bar, 1911 North St., 4 demerits, hand wash sink at bar needs paper towels-corrected on site, discarded two knifes-corrected on site, repair exit door and bar floor areas that are not smooth and easily cleanable

University Courtyards Apartments south swimming pool, 3022 North Pecan St., 3 demerits, unclog flowmeter, additional signage needed, repair pool decking areas that are damaged

University Courtyard Apartments north swimming pool, 3100 N Pecan St., 2 demerits, additional signage needed, unclog flowmeter

Kroger, 1215 North St., 2 demerits, discard several canned food products-corrected on site

Kroger bakery and deli, 1215 North St., 4 demerits, provide thermometer for walk-in freezers, discard one spatula-corrected on site

Kroger dairy department, 1215 North St., 2 demerits, discard several milk products-corrected on site

Kroger produce, 1215 North St., 2 demerits, provide accurate visible thermometer above dressings

Kroger meat department, 1215 North St., 1 demerit, repair floor area near seafood case, repair wall areas near swinging door entry/exit of meat slicing area

Banita Creep Apartments swimming pool, 327 W College St., 3 demerits, attach rope 2/3 width of pool to ring buoy, unclog flowmeter, repaint pool surface areas

Victorian Inn and Suites swimming pool, 3612 North St., 5 demerits, unclog flowmeter, no diving wording and international symbols needed on deck, additional signage needed, 911 phone access directions needed, gate needs to self close and self latch

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