The following inspections were filed with the city of Nacogdoches:

Econo Lodge, 2020 NW Stallings Dr., 1 demerit – caps needed on two cleaning products

New Sunshine Food Mart, 2013 North St., 3 demerits – keep floors swept in storage area and behind coolers, replace any missing ceiling tiles, paper towel access needed in bathroom

Chevron, 3228 South St., 2 demerits – keep dumpster lids closed, keep scattered trash picked up at dumpster area, repair wall in storage area in back room

Taquitos El Jaliscience, 4512 North St., 12 demerits – need anti siphon valve for outside hose bibb, label purple solutions, use by dates needed, handwash sink usage is for handwashing only, hot water in bathrooms must minimum plumbing code requirements

The Arbor Assisted Living, 3002 Westward Dr., 3 demerits – soap needed at handwash sink, keep floors swept up behind equipment and refrigerators

Big’s Deli and Grill, 2430 SE Stallings Dr., 8 demerits – excess grease needs to be cleaned up and removed from grease bin and grease bin area, shield guards needed for two lights, paper towel access needed at handwash sink, discarded one spatula, keep back area storage area swept up

Big’s Convenience Store, 2430 SE Stallings Dr., 8 demerits – label spray bottle with yellow solution, pick up scattered trash near dumpster area, keep vents clean near cooler area, repair wall/floor area near storage area near bathrooms, discarded one canned food product

Wal-Mart Neighborhood Market Food Store, 1030 N University Dr., 2 demerits – discarded three canned food products

Wal-Mart Neighborhood Market Deli and Bakery, 1030 N University Dr., 2 demerits – provide thermometer for one freezer

McDonald’s Wal-Mart Location, 4810 North St., 2 demerits – discarded one carton of egg product

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