There has still been no action by the city council on the incident that took place on April 10. In my letter to The Daily Sentinel on May 22, I discussed that incident, when a group of black university students, happily leaving a pool party, were accosted by a white off-duty police officer who lost control and ended up throwing two young women to the ground.

A friend of mine made a telling comment regarding this incident: what would have happened if a black police officer had come across a group of young white women and had thrown two of them to the ground? In Nacogdoches this is still a rhetorical question, we know that the black officer would have been the one blamed.

I was disappointed to see that the agenda for the next city council meeting does not include any discussion of the independent investigation that the mayor and city manager promised, of a new citizens review board, or of improved training for the police. Instead there is only a discussion, in executive session, of the anticipated litigation resulting from this incident. This is a bureaucratic response designed to protect the council but not to address the underlying issues.

Our city council must remember that it is their duty — as well as the duty of the police — to serve and protect everyone in Nacogdoches.

Mike Strong,


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The city council must be careful of the approach they take regarding to this situation. After all the police is the only protection we have against any violent acts against us. I grew up in Nacogdoches when racism was rampart. We lives in a house with two parents who taught us not to have an affinity for authority and not to do anything to draw undue attention to ourselves. Problems of this nature exist in every city and town where these incident can be de escalated simply by following the rules. Often this give you a chance to address the incident in court instead of trying to use vocal or physical force to solve a problem. Our young people and foreign students must learn that freedom is not absolute , it comes with exceptions. A minority comment.

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