This week, an Associated Press article indicated that Donald Trump is fulfilling the entire wish list of the religious right. That’s good, right?

Well, no. Trump only does and says things that he thinks will benefit Donald Trump.

He and the most visible leaders of the religious right are motivated by the same things: money and political power. 81% of the religious right, aka “evangelicals,” supported Trump in 2016 and he needs them more than ever as today his approval rating has dipped to 36%.

Thankfully, the AP writer didn’t refer to the religious right as the “Christian Right.” Actually, the religious right has been around a lot longer than Christianity.

The Old Testament prophet Amos talked about them and said they couldn’t wait for the religious days to end before they again resorted to persecuting the poor. Jesus saved his harshest criticism for them.

Last week, Trump said voters must support him in 2020 because he is the only one who can save the economy (the economy he has ruined with welfare for the rich and his stupid trade wars).

Have we, as Americans, stooped that low that money is our main motivating factor?

What if the brave Americans who gave their lives for this country had this attitude?

Jesus said we could serve money or serve Him but not both.

Carl Hess

Ozark, Ala.

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I really find it hard to respond to the indignation of this article. People often use religion when they think they can make a point against those who may think a little different. Where was this person during the Civil Rights movement where real religious practice might have make a difference. Does the bible say anything about hatred for a person because of their beliefs or action as this person seem to dislike the president.

As for the tariffs, Economics 101 states that when a country's imports exceeds its imports an unfavorable balance of trade exist. China have stolen out technology and inventions for years. Now they have 300,000 Chinese attending American universities where they can gain knowledge and techniques to take home when they leave to farther advance a Communist regime. We have become so greedy and angry with the president over China , that we forgot that they were responsible for the deaths of 38,000 Americans in Korea and 58,000 in Vietnam. Now many are upset because they think the tariffs will cause them to have pay more for cheap products at Walmart made in China.

Finally all of us need to take a hard look at ourselves and what is happening to this country, now we understand why some say the U.S. stand for "uncle sucker". Comments from a citizen, Korean and Vietnam veteran.

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