I got my copy of The Daily Sentinel this morning, 7/23/19, and wanted to go directly to the opinion page. To my disappointment, there wasn’t an opinion page in today’s paper. So I got to looking at how the paper is organized. We have the front page, on page 2 Nacogdoches Today, on page 3 the Obituaries, page 4 U.S. & World News, on page 5 Dear Abby, Puzzles & Weather, on page 6 Sports, on page 7 the wanted ads and finally on page 8 the Comics

Last Thursday the Opinion Page was on page 4A, but I have seen the Opinion Page on page 8 of the paper too. Just a few years ago our paper would range from 16 to 28 pages. Always, there was a full editorial page where local opinion letters would appear. As an opinion writer, and several that I am good friends with, we believe that we are losing our voice in our local paper.

Our paper seems to become so left leaning. I expect the paper to always give space to both and sometimes the middle of local, state or national issues.

I also enjoy a paper to be organized each day that you know exactly where the sections are, as a subscriber, that you want to go to first. I am not saying I want to tell you how to organize your paper, but if I do not see a daily opinion page and a paper that is laid out in a manner that you can safely predict where you want to go to first, I will be done as a subscriber as will many of those who also believe as I do.

I am not a huge fan of Facebook but, when used correctly, I have the ability to communicate with a large group of followers.

I get most of my news from electronic media. I also believe that in not too many years The Daily Sentinel will no longer be around. This will be a tremendous loss for our community.

Robert Ault


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I think the Daily Sentinel does a good job for a small town paper. We must teach our children to read critically and avoid the liberal indoctrination by main stream media. Keep up the good works Daily Sentinel I'll always be a subscriber. I won't leave because you are not printing how or what I want to see. Hopefully you won't turn too far to the left and become anti -American haters.

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