Before the ink could dry on a contract to put new playground equipment at Pecan and Pioneer Parks, the excitement was already welling up.

“This is huge. This is such an enhancement. It’s great for the kids and the parents,” Mayor Shelley Brophy said after a unanimous council vote in March.

This week, the huge enhancement to our city’s two most popular parks moved closer to reality. Construction is expected to wrap up at Pioneer Park today, and should begin Monday at Pecan Park.

The new Pioneer playground is majestic — a literal shining, two-towered castle on a hill. We know our community’s children will greatly enjoy it.

Right now, Pecan Park’s new playground is just an open, flat patch of dirt. But that plot holds so much potential, and we look forward to seeing more open playspace come to fruition. Both could be open this month, the city’s Community Service Director Brian Bray said.

But until that magical time of play arrives, residents are encouraged to keep their children off the new equipment. Trailer loads of playground-safe much must be installed before the new equipment is ready.

“If we have playground with no much in it, it isn’t safe to play on,” Bray said.

He’s right, and we know the temptation will be great, but please heed the city’s warning.

The Pioneer project comes with a price tag of around $230,000 and the Pecan playground cost just over $17,000. The work is worth every penny.

“Anytime a city invests in its parks, whether its picnic tables or new playgrounds, that’s usually the most bang for your buck,” Bray said. “It’s free and open to everybody so this is a huge improvement to the park.”

The wait is almost over, please be patient. You’re going to love the results.

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