It is a wonderful program Nacogdoches ISD offers each year to feed children 1 to 18 breakfast and lunch each summer weekday.

We are thankful that NISD currently has 15 active locations around the city, and another will have dinner opportunities the first week in August.

“We focus on trying to find the kids, so we can bring food to them,” said Robin Thacker, NISD director of student nutrition. “(The goal is) to help families stretch their summer dollars. It helps them, so the parents know their kids are getting a nice, nutritious meal.”

But we don’t want kids, and their parents, to miss out on the opportunity.

Some people incorrectly believe the program is only for low-income children. The U.S. Department of Agriculture created it for that purpose in 1968, but it has evolved into a program for all children, and NISD is making the most of it by feeding hundreds of children each day.

“You have kids that barely get anything to eat, and that’s where we step in and we can serve breakfast for free and lunch for free, just to help families,” said Kortney Townsend, the supervisor of the meal sites at Banita Creek and Pecan parks.

It costs nothing for the families of children to eat breakfast and lunch at any of the sites that participate through August. No paperwork is required. All that parents must do is take their children and let them enjoy not only the food but the activities that several churches and organizations provide. Parents also have the opportunity to purchase their own meal if they want to eat with their children.

In addition to children receiving some great food and making new friends, parents save money by taking advantage of at least one free meal a day Monday through Friday. It’s good for the kids. It’s good for their parents. It’s good for NISD and our community.

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