A recent letter writer wondered why it was necessary for protesters from Dallas to demonstrate at the Blueberry Festival last month.

Hard to say, but local liberals are so wrong on so many issues that it wouldn’t be unlikely that they summoned the outsiders, even though they say that they didn’t.

Here are some facts: This country has achieved incredible progress because of early conservatives. Liberals are fond of arriving on the scene after the hard work has achieved results, and demanding to decide how to divide benefits which they had no role in earning.

Liberals give lip service to free speech, but say and do nothing when conservative speakers are silenced.

They say and do nothing about the recent beating of a reporter in Portland, Oregon or about the lies told by Jussie Smollet. Locally, they give lip service to the Democratic process, but resort to dirty tricks. Such tricks recently included trashing and destroying Trump signs in 2016 and sending louts to disrupt a Ted Cruz appearance in 2018.

As for their stance on immigration, none of them will say what would result if they got what many of them claim to want, including open borders and legalized invasions. Realists know that the result would be chaos.

In short, conservative principles have served us well, but if liberals had been in charge all along, the United States wouldn’t have lasted for over two centuries let alone achieving its status as leader of the free world.

R. Max Walton


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