I attended Tuesday’s (July 16) Nacogdoches City Council meeting. The first issues presented by ‘ five concerned citizens’ were how Nacogdoches police and SFA police only single out racial minorities, as well as LBGTQ (sorry if I missed some letters) individuals, and abuses them.

When I left the meeting, I could not help myself feeling sorry for all those abused victims the ‘five concerned citizens’ talked about.

From their ‘presentation’ it felt as though Nacogdoches police goes around and only selects racial minorities and members of LBGTQ (once again sorry if I missed some letters) to ‘pick on’, harass and abuse.

Even more mystifying is the fact that no one mentioned the police officer accused of abuse was the only ‘victim’ who needed to be treated at a hospital for injuries.

What I also found to be very interesting, is that not one of the ‘presenters’ ever mentioned the possibility, that the individuals that were ‘abused’ by the police, were doing something wrong and police had to intervene.

It’s is as though, Nacogdoches police are told to go around and just select racial minorities and LBGTQ (letters again) members and make life miserable for them. Is it possible ... and is our sheriff’s department doing the same thing?

Maybe the chief of the police and the sheriff can explain to some of us, what criteria they use to make these selections.

John R. Makow


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I grew up in Nacogdoches in the 1950s at the height of racism. all of may friends had two parents a man and a woman . We ere taught respect for elder and each other. We never had an affinity for authority consequently me nor my three brothers never had any negative experiences with the police. In a few days I have a brother who will turn 91years old and never had problems with the law. I think Nacogdoches and Texas is a good place to live. Finally thank for the police I can sleep sound at night and feel safe during the day. Comments a black perspective.

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