The GOP has become the party of hypocrisy, in my opinion.

It claims to believe in: strict controls on executive power; fiscal responsibility in all things; morality as a chief requisite for politicians; consistency and truth telling; honoring centrist judicial appointments free of political bias; free trade; human rights; protecting Americans from attack;

Respect for institutions until they get their guys in power, then it’s:

Unbridled executive authority; deficits to fund the wealthy; morality doesn’t matter; truth is in the eye of the beliar; judicial appointments must meet a radically conservative litmus test; trade shall be used as a weapon, even as it impoverishes American farmers, industrialists, workers and our tech sector; respect for strong armed dictators who assassinate dissenters; applauding regimes that imprison and torture people for religious views; letting foreign powers take over American institutions like elections; treating institutions as political weapons to be wielded or destroyed to advance short sighted political goals.

The GOP who prides itself for being the party of Lincoln is now the party of Donald Trump, a reality star, creator of the birther movement and race baiter-in-chief. Time and time again, the GOP failed to speak out against racism and bigotry even when Trump implied that Neo-Nazi’s were good people and refused to disavow the KKKs endorsement.

Trump rode to political victory on all four horses of Calumny — fear, ignorance, bigotry and smear — but his white evangelical enablers provide religious rationalizations for all of them. The GOP’s leader often publicly bloviates expletives that evangelicals would have blasted Obama for if he had ever used one of them. Trump’s evangelical base applauds his expletives.

The GOP is controlled by theocrats, special interest and unfettered capitalists who desire to gain privately at the public’s expense and led by a person who is one of most infamous con-artists ever.

The GOP that labels itself patriotic supports a leader who dodged the Vietnam War and proclaimed that John McCain (who volunteered) isn’t a hero because he was captured.

Ron Hurst, Nacogdoches

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This article represent the kind of people this country need . There is a strong case against racism, dictators, liars. the wealthy and etc. Now I am sure the is sternly against Communist China where Walmart get About 70% of their products. Remember China backed the conflict and war in Korea and Vietnam where 38,000 and 58,000 Americans lives were lost. China also killed hundreds or thousands of its own people in Tiananmen square and have been doing with the U.S. at a $500 billion deficit. But. we must investigate Russia collusion because they are the greatest threat to us. I have never voted for a politician that didn't lie. Hatred for Trump have led many people to forget their common sense . He is the only president I can remember who have tried to keep is campaign promises like them or not. Most important one is on illegal immigration which cost taxpayers over $150 billion annually plus possibly exposing the country to many diseases that had bee eradicated in this country. This is a brief comment from a black perspective.

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