The hysterical Democrats continue trying to overturn an election held almost three years ago. They have no appreciation and probably no understanding of the changed approach to dealing with China and our southern border. The President knows how to negotiate, while Obama, Biden and Kerry did not. One thing which is seldom mentioned is the lasting value of imports from China versus the things they buy from America. We typically buy electronic goods which have a very short life span before being eligible to be dumped in a land fill. The Chinese use the money we pay them to purchase real estate and shares in American companies. Thus, if we buy ten billion dollars worth of imports from China, the value of all those goods would surely be less than a third of that figure within as little as five years. The Chinese, using the equivalent $10 billion, invest it in real property and company shares , whose value would likely increase by up to fifty per cent during the same five years. The Obama administration had, and certainly Joe Biden has no idea how to deal with the Chinese. Trump knows, but is fought at every turn by the hysterical Democrats in the House.

Many years ago President Truman complained often and bitterly about the “no-good, do-nothing eightieth Congress.” We have a modern equivalent in the House, where Democrats neglect their duty to address serious issues such as the border crisis and pressing trade issues, choosing instead to waste time chasing after feeble excuses to harass the president with threats of impeachment. And with all that, they have the nerve to propose a pay raise for themselves. Shame on them all!

R. Max Walton,


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We must never vote for Democrats who are anti-- American and weak Republicans.

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