Remember, words mean much more to the left, than the right, and the word “racism” is like gasoline tossed on a flame.

The idea is to constantly keep the pressure on the right. What started as a seed has become raging anger over time, and to deny it only makes it worse.

Most people on the right are not racist, so the word doesn’t ring true. Later, they realize they’ve got a real problem, but PC — and now woke-ness — strips people of the ability to right this wrong. You can’t win under most circumstances, and it’s too tiring to deny this falsehood. But the left really enjoys the predicament they’ve put you in.

You’ve been made into a fire-breathing, hate-filled racist, and skinhead white supremacist of the worst kind. To the left, it’s a thing of beauty, and it works every time. They do this on every issue, forcing you to deny until they tactically wear you down, but don’t think you’re off the hook. There is no end to the mischief they can make.

So why is “racism” employed now more than ever? The long goal, but not the endgame, is to get as many illegal aliens into this country as possible and to someday put them on a fast track to citizenship.

Look at California. It’s almost impossible to find a Republican, and California has managed a way to even keep them off the ballot. The only people trying to assimilate there are Republicans.

The end game is to make it possible for someone like “Beto” O’Rourke, president. Don’t laugh, years ago Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders were considered to be hilarious jokes thrust upon the electorate. Once someone like Beto arrives, we will know America and freedom have vanished.

In the meantime, Trump is wise to the left’s tactics, and it’s driving them crazy. The words thrown about now are of physically ridding themselves of the orange skinned monstrosity and the people who support him. He’s thrown them off their game.

Too bad!

Patrick Choate


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