The hysterical Democrats in Congress seem more determined than ever to sabotage the president. They reject any sensible plan to secure the southern border, then sit back and criticize handling of the invasion which they have facilitated.

This invasion has taken place with the full knowledge and tacit acceptance/assistance of the Mexican government, which until recently has been able to avoid any consequences arising from its part in furthering the invasion.

The president, having decided that enough is enough, let them know that there will be a price to pay if they don’t make some effort to stop caravans from traveling the entire length of Mexico to invade the United States.

The action the president took and threatened will help, but the Democrats should stop looking at the invaders as a source of votes when and if they acquire citizenship.

On a broader scale, it is a mystery to me that so many people think that American taxpayers owe the invaders anything.

I have long believed, and will continue believing unless someone can explain better then has been done so far, that the Mexican government should be required to accept responsibility for according free passage to the caravans.

Our government should have procured, leased or purchased a fleet of large buses. As soon as apprehended, the invaders should have been loaded onto these buses and transported several hundred miles into Mexico, where the Mexican authorities who allowed the invasion would be responsible to handle the invaders.

I have no doubt that this would produce two results. It would show the invaders that they won’t be released and asked to report back several months later. It would show Mexico that allowing invaders to move freely through their country has consequences for Mexico.

Both would result in greatly diminished numbers of invaders.

But we still need the wall across the southern border.

R. Max Walton,


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