I could not believe the headline “Senators: Tariff would hurt Texans.” Just how much hurt have the families and communities are enduring at our border cities? We have record numbers of family units coming to the border almost every month.

71,834 illegal aliens were apprehended between points of entry in the state of Texas from May 1 to May 28. That works out to a daily pace of 2,565.5 per day or a flow of 936,408 annually — just in the state of Texas alone. This means that illegal immigration into Texas likely increased roughly 18.8 percent in May over April.

In May we had a record 1,036 illegal immigrants came in one large group at El Paso, which is the most of any single group coming in at once. Clearly, the situation is getting worse, not better.

There were also illegal aliens caught from countries of possible terror concern, including 67 from Bangladesh and 40 from Uzbekistan. Give credit to President Trump for calling for tariffs on Mexico and who has announced a shutoff of asylum for those who could have claimed asylum in Mexico or other countries. Nothing in our laws would ever define a mass cartel smuggling operation accounting for a significant percentage of a country’s population as asylum. It’s an invasion. In 2015, when Trump referred to the border situation as making America a “dumping ground,” we were apprehending 38,000 illegal aliens per month. Now, we are seeing twice that number just in Texas alone.

I have spoken to one of our local law enforcement officials about what are we going to do when we see the influx of illegal aliens coming into Nacogdoches. He assured me that Nacogdoches is not a sanctuary city and that they would work closely with ICE to curtail their entry into our community.

Our two senators need to support President Trump; along with our congressional representatives as well, to protect our communities from this obvious invasion that is taken place on our Texas border.

Robert Ault, Nacogdoches

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I agree with this article, Once called a protective tariff they are needed to protect the home industry. Economic 101 tell you that when imports exceed exports there is an unfavorable balance of trade, this is why we need tariff on goods coming from China too. Not only should a tariff be imposed on Mexico , there should be a remittance fee on the $40 billion annually on sent back to countries if the immigrants origin, plus Mexico should pay for the children that cross the border daily to attend schools in this country at taxpayers expense. This could help offset the $150 billion annually that taxpayers spend on illegal immigration. comment a black perspective.

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