The freshman Democrat Congress has the first female Muslim members, elected in 2018. How’s that working out so far?

There are a lot of people who think we should all become vegetarians to save the planet. Hitler was a vegetarian and his thinking left over 60 million people dead in WW2. Jim Jones was also a vegetarian, but only 900 died. Der Fuhrer had chronic stomach pains which might explain his foul mood. There’s a reason cows give off so much gas.

The newest generation of Americans is excited about the cradle to grave socialist solutions by the Dems. The greatest generation experienced the Depression and WW2 and many grew up on farms, yet they loved America. Maybe tough times and hard work create good citizens. If you never had a job or learned American history and you had safe spaces and a useless degree with massive student debt, Bernie might look like a good deal.

In 1960, Walter Cronkite, TV network news anchorman, was considered to be the most honest man in America. At some point he became a good friend and confidant of President Kennedy and joined the Kennedy family in sailing and social parties. There were many editorials in the leading newspapers, wondering if it was going to lead to problems for the press, to get so close to the Washington politicians. What do you think? Have they become one and the same?

Did you ever notice that the Left is forever complaining, causing doubt and promoting ideas that most people have never been concerned about? There used to be someone in NY City who would go around sticking people with a pin, while in crowds. It went on for a long time and it had people, literally, on pins and needles with angst. Saul Alinsky was embraced by Hillary and Obama, and his Rules for Radicals called for harassing opponents in a never ending fashion to keep them off balance and never at ease. It is a very successful tactic, especially when they are not in power. Toppling statues has continued unabated.

Patrick Choate,


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Is this out of control female Muslim the a result of out of control immigration ?

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