I was happy to have it confirmed once more that this city and this county are overwhelmingly conservative. It was also highly pleasing to see that the attractive, but marginally qualified Democratic candidate for senator couldn’t buy the election, even by spending over seventy million dollars, most of which came from out of state.

And we saw the hypocrisy of Democrats exposed once more. After their near-hysteria when Justice Kavanaugh was accused of misconduct many years ago, accusations which were either without any evidence or, in some cases, admittedly false, they cheerfully ignored O’Rourke’s brushes with the law, including burglary and DWI. It seems that he, like Sen. Ted Kennedy so many years ago, was able to escape any consequences because of his family’s wealth and influence.

Democrats also rallied around Bob Menendez, who was credibly charged with illegal actions, and escaped because of a hung jury, and Keith Ellison, who is credibly charged with domestic violence. And the most brazen and notorious sexual predator to ever occupy the White House is still treated like royalty, along with his enabler, Hillary Clinton. Shame on them.

R. Max Walton,


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