Why is it necessary to make sure young people, up until age 26, or so, have access to marijuana? What kind of parent, or adult, thinks that’s so important?

It should be just the opposite! How is a youngster supposed to thrive in school if he’s stoned? The teenage years are already turned upside down by hormones, why add another complication?

Medical use and taxes are the usual excuse for reckless introduction of marijuana, but neither idea justifies it’s damage to the brain of a child!

Give them the chance for a normal, drug free life. The odds of your child developing schizophrenia increase dramatically with marijuana use. I say “dramatically” because it’s so devastating if “your” child gets schizophrenia, but wouldn’t have, otherwise.

Let’s ask law enforcement experts, in states that have legalized drugs, what they see and have learned, when pot is legal.

I haven’t seen those statistics from the Main Stream Press, but it might get politicians, with unusually thick skulls, to think about something besides re-election.

I’ve read, that even in states with legal drugs, the user is still buying cartel dope. That’s illegal and dangerous.

Our sick need, to use dope, has done irreparable damage to Mexico and it teaches kids that it’s okay to break the law.

Remember, it only takes one young person to do a monumental amount of damage to a family, or a school. Don’t increase the odds of that happening.

There seems to be an entire generation of people who think that the 105 billion people, who have walked the Earth before them, didn’t know squat about anything.

Forget faith, country, freedom and scientific method! Just do as they say, and remember, how lucky you are to have them telling you what to do.

Patrick Choate


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