So much for the Democrats getting their “blue wave.” Democrats are acting like they won the lottery after taking the US House in this year’s midterms. Democrats lost 54 US House seats in 1994, and they lost 63 seats in 2010. At the time I am typing this, the Republicans have only lost 29 seats in this year’s US House elections. This total is subject to change, but is not likely to change much. They are only projected to gain 34 seats. Republicans have maintained control of the US Senate, and their advantage could conceivably increase, depending on what happens in the other three states.

Democrats still have not won a statewide office in Texas since 1994. Republicans still have a majority in both chambers of the Texas Legislature. You don’t see conservatives throwing temper tantrums just because we lost the US House. We know how to lose gracefully.

As much as I hate to disappoint the liberals out there, Trump and company are still in great shape.

J. Patrick Capps,


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